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Fossicking along the Australian coastline
Sustainable & Ethical hand collected Australian gemstones
Hand carving cornelain to handmakeVictorian bee earrings. Design by Australian Designer Jeweller Astrid Dahl

From beginning to end, nature is at the heart of Astrid's Jewellery

The story behind Australian Designer Jeweller Astrid Dahl

Astrid's Story 

Beginning in a tree lined valley in southern Tasmania, Astrid's childhood days were spent playing by the creek in search of ancient fossils and gemstones. Her evenings spent by the fire, drawing fantastical crowns and jewels. Her dreams filled with crystal caves and treasure chests.

These days Astrid explores the Australian wilderness in search of exquisite gemstones, such as opal and jade, to hand carve into miniature sculptures, to feature in her latest jewellery creations.

Most of her time is spent designing and crafting spectacular jewels in her Melbourne studio.

Crafting by hand, each piece in the finest 100% recycled precious metals, combining them with exquisite precious gemstones including vintage diamonds, ethically sourced Australian sapphires, and pearls.

Seamlessly blending elements of gothic architecture, natural abstraction, and the timeless elegance of
antique jewellery.

Astrid has learnt from some of the best in the industry, she is a qualified Gemmologist, Diamond Grader & Jewellery Valuer with over 18 years of industry experience.

Completing multiple studies including jewellery manufacturing, fashion design, CAD design, lapidary and stone setting.

Astrid at the Jewellers Bench carving gemstones
Making a recycled gold and platinum custom mens wedding band
Astrid Dahl Designing & Remodelling jewellery in the Jewellery Studio

100% Recycled Gold & Platinum
Sustainably & Ethically Sourced Gemstones


Many of the stones used are carefully collected and cut by hand, ensuring the preservation of the environment.

Astrid personally sources antique and vintage diamonds, rubies and emeralds, often re-cutting or polishing them to
restore their beauty.
Ethically and sustainably sourced Australian gemstones, such as opal, south sea pearl and sapphire are also used.

Growing up in the beautiful, rugged southern Tasmania, sustainability is in Astrid's DNA. 

Sadly, the jewellery industry has a dark side.
From cheap mass production to hidden supply chains, blood diamonds, human rights abuse and environmental destruction.

Astrid is committed to building awareness and making a positive impact on the jewellery industry, while highlighting the beauty of Australian and vintage gemstones.

Ethics, Sustainable & Eco-freindly sourcing- Victorian wilderness by Astrid
Astrid Dahl private jeweller logo


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